Emergency for Foreigners, Travelers and Tourists

Our doctors specialize in emergency orthopaedic care and post-traumatic reconstructive surgery for patients injured in motor vehicle collisions, industrial accidents and falls. We performed treatment in the best Hospitals in Rio de Janeiro. We can intermediate the assistance of the Travelers insured persons during the trip to Brazil. We also care for simple cases directly in places where the traveler is hosted on ( Hotel, Hostel, Hospital, etc)

We accept Payment Guarantee Letter  ( GOP) sent by email, the patient does not pay directly to physicians. We invoice insurance companies.

Emergency +5521 995 098 868 ( English Spoken)
Office Phone: +5521 22152121 Monday to Friday - Business Hours ( Spoken language: Portuguese.)
The client shall present a valid CLIENT ID card and a proof of their insurance with the Insurance Company.

Emergency +5521 995 098 868 ( English Spoken) and
Office Phone: +5521 22152121 Monday to Friday - Business Hours ( GMT -3)
Coordenador Médico Brasil: Dr. Marcos Britto da Silva - CRM 52-53.862-0 


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